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An Invitation to Journalists

newspaper template is a shared platform for journalists who need baseline infrastructure for their public-interest reporting, including 501(c)(3) status, hosted technology services, personal-branding options and more. Our intent is to provide the DIY framework you need to fundraise, produce, publish and promote your reporting. Read our FAQ for details. If you're a journalism professional or student and would like to get involved or stay up to date, please fill out this short form. Background

Newsdesk had a previous incarnation as an active, general-interest news website. Continue Reading →

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“The Smogometer”

I'm knee deep in Smogtown: The Lung-burning History of Pollution in Los Angeles by Chip Jacobs and William Kelley. It's written like the pair wishes they were really James Elroy, but it's chock-full of archival research and unbelievable anecdotes about just how toxic the miasma called air was in Los Angeles before the oil companies and defense manufacturers were ever subject to regulation. Continue Reading →

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San Francisco’s Superfund struggle

Toxic Tour of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard 22

A legacy of toxic pollution lingers in San Francisco's Hunters Point Shipyard, which was once a booming hub for wartime construction efforts, but now is largely shuttered and represents a constant threat to the health of marginalized communities that live nearby. The U.S. Navy and diverse community groups are at odds over the best way to address the problem. Continue Reading →

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The Los Angeles Toxic Tour: Request for Proposals

[Download this RFP as a PDF]

Would you like to bring the award-winning "Toxic Tour" reporting project to Los Angeles? and Spot.Us welcome proposals from journalists interested in developing new coverage of pollution and environmental health in Los Angeles communities. Proposals are due Nov. 12 for short-term projects using text and multimedia to document pollution and communities in greater Los Angeles. Topics include neighborhoods, economics, industry, land use, transportation, politics, activism, environment and health. Continue Reading →

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