Engineer paints it blacker than black

This Purdue University electrical and computer engineering professor is undoubtedly running in the black, due to his creation of a blacker-than-black metamaterial that absorbs virtually all light.

In California’s high desert, a solar gamble

The California Owens Valley, the scene of decades of intense environmental hostilities and the subject of the famous Roman Polanski film "Chinatown," once more finds itself at center stage. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which turned Owens Lake into a dry wasteland and created one of the most prodigious polluters in America, wants to turn its lake bed into one of largest sources of solar power in America.

Turks turn tires into ‘stardust’

If successful, the process could prove instrumental in the vexing environmental challenge of dealing with landfill-hogging tires. In Europe alone, 325,000 tons of tires are buried in landfills each year.