Turks turn tires into ‘stardust’

If successful, the process could prove instrumental in the vexing environmental challenge of dealing with landfill-hogging tires. In Europe alone, 325,000 tons of tires are buried in landfills each year.

There’s wind in their (renewable) sales

Zotos International, Inc., of Geneva, N.Y., a company begun years ago as a maker of hair dyes, in July announced plans for a $7 million, 3.3 MW on-site wind power project, 30 percent of which is to be funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The time has come … in football

The biggest news on the football coaching front comes from Washington D.C., where Calvin Coolidge High School named Natalie Randolph as its new varsity coach—the only woman football coach in the U.S.