UPDATE: Election 2004

The candidates have been sworn in, but legal battles remain in the bedraggled aftermath of Election 2004.

In Washington state, Republicans are in court to force consideration of flawed ballots, and are pushing for a possible revote, even after Democrat Christine Gregoire made her inaugural speech.

A host of bills are on tap in the state to prevent a re-run of similar problems next Election Day. But even reform boosters admit that “human and administrative error” will remain an issue.

In San Diego, the battle is characterized as “voter intent against ballot rules.” Voters supporting write-in candidate Donna Frye often failed to fill in a required oval on their ballots, even though they did write her name in the proper place. The candidates are opening special funds to defray legal costs.

Nationally, Democrats concede that recounts would be unlikely to change the election’s outcome. But many are using widespread allegations of “irregularities” on election day to call for broad reform of the electoral process.

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The aftermath of Election 2004 continues to play out.

The recount in Washington state, which includes more than 700 disputed ballots, has put the Democrats in the winning column with 130 votes. The Republicans now say they will try to have their own disputed ballots reconsidered.

There have been no major developments in the attempted New Mexico, Nevada and San Diego recounts and vote challenges.

In Florida and Ohio, allegations of fraud in local and national elections persist. Whether they stick is another matter.

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