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QUOTED: “This just stinks. There’s a bunch of people down there who
think they’re above the law.”

— Toledo hot dog vendor Andrew Eklund on an Ohio embezzlement scandal
involving a coin collector and prominent politicians (story #11, below).

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[o1] “Fears over CIA ‘university spies'”
[o2] “Gene change alters sex orientation in fruit flies”
[o3] “Stricter rules for abortion clinics”

[o4] “Ure calms dismay over G8 protests”
[o5] “Swiss vote to expand gay couples’ rights”
[o6] “Tens of thousands in Hong Kong honor Tiananmen Square protesters”
[o7] “Bolivia may call early elections”
[o8] “Children pay the price of war”

[o9] “The Democrats’ class struggle”
[10] “Black caucus retreats on 527s”
[11] “‘Coingate’ rocks Ohio’s Republican Party”

[12] “Kids against candy”
[13] “Key study on safety of chemical disputed”
[14] “NH trades MtBE for ethanol”

[15] “Organic farming takes root in urbanized Puerto Rico”
[16] “Poison plant”
[17] “By order of the court: environmental cleanup”

[18] “The foreign language of choice”
[19] “Nipple-negating technology declares war on female breasts”

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“Fears over CIA ‘university spies'”
BBC (U.K.), June 2, 2005

A CIA scholarship program founded after 9/11 sends college anthropology students to do “fieldwork” in other countries.


“Gene change alters sex orientation in fruit flies”
Reuters, June 3, 2005

Changing a single male or female gene attracts fruit flies to their own gender, implying sexual orientation is inherited.


“Stricter rules for abortion clinics”
St. Petersburg Times, June 1, 2005

A Florida law that limits second-trimester abortions is promoted as protecting women’s health, and criticized as an attack on choice.

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“Ure calms dismay over G8 protests”
Guardian (U.K.), June 3, 2005

Police worry that a million anti-G8 protesters will answer Bob Geldof’s call to descend on the Edinburgh summit.


“Swiss vote to expand gay couples’ rights”
Bloomberg, June 5, 2005

A Swiss referendum has given gay couples all the legal and financial rights of marriage, short of the ceremony itself.


“Hong Kong protesters remember Tiananmen”
Associated Press, June 5, 2005

Hong Kong residents of marked the 16th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, while protests were preempted in mainland China.


“Iran’s reform activists banking on candidate Mostafa Moin”
Knight Ridder Newspapers, June 6, 2005

The high hopes of reformists in Iran have been dashed, and even a charismatic presidential candidate stirs only faint hope.


“Children pay the price of war”
Associated Press, June 5, 2005

Thousands of children of Bosnian women raped by Serbs face ostracism as they reach adulthood.

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“The Democrats’ class struggle”
Washington Post, May 28, 2005

Exit polls from the 2004 election shows white, middle-class voters solidly in the GOP camp, and Hispanics increasingly so.


“Black caucus retreats on 527s”
Washington Times, June 2, 2005

Some black politicians regret supporting campaign finance reform, which they say has hobbled grassroots fundraising.


“‘Coingate’ rocks Ohio’s Republican Party”
Chicago Tribune, June 5, 2005

State and federal Republican politicians have been tainted by a scandal over an Ohio coin collector’s donations to the GOP.

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“Kids against candy”
San Francisco Bay Guardian, June 1, 2005

San Francisco schoolchildren are warning local vendors that some of the Mexican sweets they sell contain dangerous levels of lead.


“Key study on safety of chemical disputed”
Press-Enterprise (CA), June 3, 2005

Scientists say an industry-funded study that found no effects from exposure to perchlorate was manipulated.


“NH trades MtBE for ethanol”
New Hampshire Union Leader, June 5, 2005

Although its effects are unknown, New Hampshire will substitute ethanol for the toxic pollutant MtBE in gasoline starting in 2007.

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“Organic farming takes root in urbanized Puerto Rico”
Inter Press Service, June 3, 2005

Puerto Rican farmers are cultivating local crops like bananas organically, but are divided about seeking USDA certification.


“Poison plant”
Cairo Magazine, June 3, 2005

Egyptian factory workers dying of exposure to asbestos are camped outside their closed plant, demanding medical compensation.


“By order of the court: environmental cleanup in India”
Environmental Health Perspectives, June 6, 2005

India’s Supreme Court is taking unprecedented steps to force illegal hazardous industrial waste sites to comply with state laws.

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“The foreign language of choice”
AlterNet (CA), June 2, 2005

Linguist George Lakoff says the left needs to reframe the abortion issue by not using the words “abortion” and “choice.”


“Nipple-negating technology declares war on female breasts”
Ottawa Citizen, June 1, 2005

TV shows are airbrushing women’s nipples off the screen, writes Misty Harris. Have fears of indecency gone too far?

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