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QUOTED: “We know governments only act when they see children dying on their TV screens, but once the damage is done it’s very difficult to undo.”

— Peter Smerdon of the U.N. World Food Program says that half of Malawi faces starvation in the next six months.
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[o1] “Report finds e-vote promise, problems”
[o2] “Bi-national couple separated by politics”
[o3] “Military attacked for invasive marketing”

[o4] “Immigrant workers risk danger for storm cash”
[o5] “Biloxi families live in rubble of homes”

[o6] “Europe’s great migration”
[o7] “In Mali, women debate circumcision”
[o8] “Silently, Malawi begins to starve”

[o9] “Lesbian candidate targeted by ‘dirty tricks'”
[10] “Cheerleader quits squad over ‘gay’ remark”
[11] “Board sued over vote on gay issue”

[12] “Wal-Mart nudges foreign suppliers”
[13] “Wal-Mart goes more eco-friendly”
[14] “Judge: Migrants can sue Wal-Mart over their pay”

[15] “High mercury levels in Utah under scrutiny”
[16] “EPA probes alleged mud dumping in Alaska”

[17] “Rep. Curt Weldon: DIA lies, destroys reputations”
[18] “Did the media get it right in the Iraq election?”

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“Report finds e-vote promise, problems”
ANG Newspapers, October 22, 2005

A GAO report finds that voting machines have been used to manipulate votes, but most won’t be fixed until after the next election.


“Bi-national couple separated by politics”
Window Media, October 21, 2005

A gay American’s Argentinean partner was deported after his arrest in a random check sanctioned by the Patriot Act.


“Military attacked for invasive marketing”, October 20, 2005

Civil liberties groups say a Pentagon recruiting database will not be limited by laws protecting privacy and preventing abuse.

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“Immigrant workers risk danger for storm cash”
Cox News Service, October 19, 2005

Legal and illegal immigrants working on the Gulf Coast cleanup are exposed to toxins and financial abuses; others refuse to risk it.


“Biloxi families live in rubble of homes”
Associated Press, October 18, 2005

The poorest residents of Biloxi live in squalid and dangerous conditions, and still await trailers promised by FEMA.

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WORLD | top


“Europe’s great migration”
International Herald Tribune, October 21, 2005

More than 300,000 skilled Eastern Europeans have been welcomed by English and Irish employers since the EU expanded last year.


“In Mali, women debate circumcision”
UPI, October 18, 2995

Malians working to end female circumcision face religious, cultural and social obstacles, often from women themselves.


“Silently, Malawi begins to starve”
Guardian (U.K.), October 19, 2005

Stricken by drought, and angered by lavish presidential spending, millions of Malawians could starve in the next six months.

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“Lesbian candidate targeted by ‘dirty tricks'”
Washington Blade, October 21, 2005

A fake campaign pamphlet outing a Virginia candidate as a lesbian was described as an effort to erode her support among black voters.


“Platte Valley cheerleader quits squad over taunts”
Greely Tribune (CO), October 18, 2005

A high school athlete stopped cheerleading due to classmates’ harassment and online slander that accused him of being gay.


“Board sued over vote on gay issue”
St. Petersburg Times, October 19, 2005

A Tampa man is suing county commissioners over the constitutionality of their removal of a gay rights display at the library.

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WAL-MART | top


“Wal-Mart nudges foreign suppliers”
Associated Press, October 21, 2005

Wal-Mart will stop using sweatshops and polluting factories, but activists say that will not cure its “race to the bottom.”


“Wal-Mart goes more eco-friendly”
Philadelphia Inquirer, October 20, 2005

The retailer will switch from petroleum-based to corn-based food packaging to save money as oil prices go up.


“Judge: Migrants can sue Wal-Mart over their pay”
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), October 8, 2005

Illegal immigrants working as janitors at Wal-Mart claim they were underpaid and denied overtime.

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“High mercury levels in Utah under scrutiny”
Salt Lake Tribune (UT), October 21, 2005

Methyl mercury levels in the Great Salt Lake are the highest in the country, contaminating ducks and other fowl.


“EPA probes alleged mud dumping in Alaska”
Associated Press, October 18, 2005

A whistleblower from a drilling company says he was told to dump toxic mud off Alaska; the company says it was an accident.

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“Rep. Curt Weldon: DIA lies, destroys reputations”, October 21, 2005

Rep. Weldon accused the DIA and the FBI of covering up and then destroying pre-9/11 terrorist intelligence.


“Did the media get it right in the Iraq election?”, October 20, 2005

Unofficial election results in the Iraq’s Nineveh province suggests thousands of uncounted Sunni votes against the constitution.

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