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Important but underreported news from around the world.

QUOTED: “We get the freaks that come up here every once in a while, ‘You’re ruining mother earth.’ Well, go back to your school bus and smoke some dope and go on your way.”

— Richard Secord, Jr., owns a mining claim on Oregon’s Bohemia Mountain under an 1872 law that makes the state liable for millions of dollars in pollution cleanup costs (story #10, below).

[o1] “Afghan media rail against censorship plan”
[o2] “War taking its toll on Iraqis”
[o3] “Congo’s jungle terrorists disband”
[o4] “Museveni gives Kony amnesty”
[o5] “Displaced face uncertain return”
[o6] “Sandwich targets businesses hiring illegal aliens”
[o7] “One-man train crew plan raises security fears”
[o8] “Spy agency sought U.S. call records before 9/11, lawyers say”
[o9] “Torture teachers”
[10] “Bohemia: A mountain of pollution”
[11] “Landfill is not toxic, say city and La.”
[12] “Defining ‘organic’ dairy”
[13] “Water, water everywhere”
[14] “Three hours on a plane made Robin ill for life”
[15] “More air testing sought near airports”
[16] “Jetsgo problems ignored”
[17] “The way of all flesh”



“Afghan media rail against censorship plan”
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, July 28, 2006

A new directive outlines 24 prohibitions on speech, including criticizing the government or contacting the Taliban.


“War taking its toll on Iraqis”
Gulf Daily News (Bahrain), July 5, 2006

Ulcers, hypertension, heart disease and substance abuse are on the rise in Iraq, as the war and occupation drag on.


“Congo’s jungle terrorists disband”
Guardian (U.K.), July 2, 2006

The feared Mayi-Mayi militia has “crumbled” under fire from U.N. and Congolese troops, and now must face vengeful civilians.

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“Museveni gives Kony amnesty”
New Vision (Uganda), July 4, 2006

Uganda’s president blamed the U.N. for failing to capture the leader of a notoriously violent militia.


“Uganda — A War Against Children”, April 1, 2005


“Displaced face uncertain return”
Inter Press Service, June 28, 2006

As many as 300,000 displaced Nepalis struggle with crumbling infrastructure and Maoist “gatekeepers” as they return home.

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“Sandwich targets businesses hiring illegal aliens”
Cape Cod Online, July 1, 2006

A small Massachusetts town wants to fine businesses that hire undocumented workers, a move that may not be legal.


“One-man train crew plan raises security fears”
McClatchy, June 29, 2006

Railroad companies want satellite technology to replace crew members on trains that transport chemical waste.


“Spy agency sought U.S. call records before 9/11, lawyers say”
Bloomberg, June 30, 2006

A suit against AT&T claims the NSA tried to monitor telephones well before Sept. 11, contradicting the White House.


“Torture teachers”, June 29, 2006

Instructors from a U.S. military school specializing in resisting torture came to Guantanamo to teach interrogation.



“Bohemia: A mountain of pollution”
Oregon Register-Guard, June 29, 2006

The state of Oregon is paying for the cleanup as mining interests cash in on dirt-cheap claims backed by an 1872 “pioneer-era” law.


“Landfill is not toxic, say city and La.”
New Orleans Times-Picayune, July 1, 2006

Citizens rejected test results declaring a dump to be safe, saying officials never tested the materials in the dump itself.


“Defining ‘organic’ dairy”
Associated Press, June 30, 2006

Family farmers called for boycotts of large dairies that give cows organic feed, but keep them in industrial conditions.


“Water, water everywhere”
ANG Newspapers, June 29, 2006

Bay Area leaders are unprepared for a three- to four-foot rise in sea levels caused in part by global warming.



“Three hours on a plane made Robin ill for life”
Dagbladet (Norway), June 30, 2006

Experts say airlines don’t take in-flight air contamination seriously, and say an FAA investigation may be slanted.


“More air testing sought near airports”
Queens Tribune, June 22, 2006

Pollution from one airplane matches that of 3,000 cars, spurring fears for children living between two major New York airports.


“Jetsgo problems ignored”
Toronto Star, June 16, 2006

Canada looked the other way after discovering over a dozen near-fatal mechanical problems in a discount carrier’s airplane fleet.



“The way of all flesh”
Mother Jones, July/August 2006

A sex site for married Christians is liberating, but denies gays and teens a right to their own sexuality, a columnist writes.

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