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QUOTED: “The only way not to be toxic would be living in a bubble.”

— Texas resident Lamar Calvert, who participated in a study that found 39
toxic chemicals in his blood (story #12, below).

[o1] “U.S. hearts and minds cash goes to Taliban”
[o2] “U.N. troops face child abuse claims”
[o3] “FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool”

[o4] “Arpaio’s lawyer: Jail can refuse rides for abortions”
[o5] “Flog is my co-pilot”
[o6] “FW Diocese concealed abuse”

[o7] “Children of Bhopal gas victims suffer from deformity”
[o8] “Coke’s PR offensive in India pays off”
[o9] “India: three killed in caste protests”

[10] “Great Lakes treated like giant ‘toilet'”
[11] “Lake Superior near record-low levels”

[12] “Toxic trade-off”
[13] “Asbestos dangers remained hidden for decades”

[14] “Lawless Baghdad descends into chaos”
[15] “Raiding your inbox”



“U.S. hearts and minds cash goes to Taliban”
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, November 28, 2006

Spurred by local mullahs who oppose the occupation, Afghani elders voluntarily give U.S. aid money to the Taliban.


“U.N. troops face child abuse claims”
BBC (U.K.), December 3, 2006

Peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia are accused of “rampant” sexual predation in return for food, despite a “zero tolerance” policy.


“FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool”
CNET, December 1, 2006

A judge approved the practice of remotely activating cell phones as “roving bugs” to record conversations near a mobster.

NATION | top


“Arpaio’s lawyer: Jail can refuse rides for abortions”
Arizona Star, November 28, 2006

A sheriff says the state should not “subsidize” jailed women’s abortions by driving them to clinics, and vows a court battle.


“Flog is my co-pilot”
Seattle Weekly, November 29, 2006

A British author says Boeing flew terror suspects to CIA “black sites,” scheduled flight crews and booked hotels for agents.


“FW Diocese concealed abuse”
Dallas Morning News, November 29, 2006

Court records state that a Texas diocese protected senior priests known to have abused boys for decades, and refused to suspend them.

INDIA | top


“Children of Bhopal gas victims suffer from deformity”
Indo-Asian News Service, December 3, 2006

India terminated medical studies on Bhopal victims just as it became evident that their children have major defects.


“Coke’s PR offensive in India pays off”
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 3, 2006

As Coke’s U.S. market erodes, a celebrity ad campaign in India has reversed sales declines there caused by soft-drink pesticide scares.


“India: three killed in caste protests”
ADNKronos International (Italy), December 1, 2006

Low-caste Dalits rioted across India following unpunished murders, vandalism of a Dalit icon, and ongoing employment discrimination.



“Great Lakes treated like giant ‘toilet'”
Canadian Press, December 1, 2006

Detroit’s overwhelmed sewer system make it a leading source of 24 billion gallons of raw sewage dumped in the Great Lakes annually.


“Lake Superior near record-low levels”
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, December 2, 2006

Water levels are at their lowest level since 1924, threatening wetlands and wildlife habitat. Critics blame global warming.



“Toxic trade-off”
Star-Telegram (TX), December 3, 2006

“Regulatory system called into question”
Star-Telegram (TX), December 3, 2006

Critics say Americans are full of toxins due to an EPA policy that does not screen new chemical products for long-term health effects.


“Asbestos dangers remained hidden for decades”
Salt Lake Tribune, December 2, 2006

The EPA kept Utahns in the dark as it cleaned asbestos out of former plant sites, but the material persists in their homes.



“Lawless Baghdad descends into chaos”
Azzaman (Iraq), December 4, 2006

U.S. troops are overwhelmed, a newspaper writes, as Baghdad becomes a “killing ground” where families are tortured and murdered.


“Raiding your inbox”
Los Angeles Times, December 1, 2006

The Justice Department wants to access Web-based email records using a subpoena or a court order instead of a warrant.

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