Hate Speech in England

British officials want a preacher “closed down” for using a false name to post calls for violence against Ethiopian “infidels” and others. The messages appeared on a password-protected Web site that has about 700 members, and may have inspired other European- born extremists to smuggle weapons and fight alongside al Qaeda in Somalia, the Times of London reports.

Sectarian Detroit

Iraq comes home to Detroit, where Sunnis angered by the hanging of Saddam Hussein are blamed for vandalism and threats against local Shiite businesses and mosques. Community leaders say that the attacks were the work of a few individuals only, and the FBI has promised to investigate any civil-rights violations.


“U.K. preacher in secret Web call for jihad”
Sunday Times (U.K.), January 14, 2007

“Islamic group calls for federal probe into vandalism of buildings”
Associated Press, January 10, 2006

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