TOP STORIES * Jan. 17, 2006

“Eco-Mafia” Targets Eastern Europe

Hungarian police say that 10 illegal toxic waste dumps are the work of a German “eco-mafia” that offers a cheap but hazardous alternative to incineration. The Budapest Times reports that a local mayor, his wife and several companies are suspects in a dumping scheme that has also struck the Ukraine.

Peru: The New Colombia

Resurgent Shining Path militants protect Mexican drug cartels that bypass Colombia to bring an efficient and ruthless cocaine trade to Peru. Speaking to El Universal, some analysts blamed prohibition for creating the cartels, and said coca eradication isn’t offsetting market growth worldwide.

Canada Brainwash Lawsuit

Montreal resident Janine Huard won $66,000 from the CIA for trauma from an electroshock and brainwashing program it sponsored with Canada from 1950-1965. But the Montreal Gazette reports that Canadian officials want to shut her and hundreds of others out of any further government settlements.


“Illegal German waste dumps found”
Budapest Times (Hungary), January 15, 2007

“Mexican cartels settling into Peru”
El Universal (Miami/Mexico), January 13, 2006

“Class action sought in brainwashing case”
Montreal Gazette, January 11, 2006

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