RWANDA: Legacy of a Genocide

Rwanda’s genocide ended 13 years ago, but some Hutus still target Tutsi survivors with “arson, stone throwing, uprooting of crops and threats,” according to a mayor who recently presided over a ceremony to bury the remains of 554 victims.

A human rights expert also says the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has failed to fulfill its mandate by neglecting to investigate Rwanda’s Tutsi president, Paul Kagame, for the killing of “hundreds of thousands” by his forces as they battled for control of the country in 1994.

Western nations would rather have Kagame in power to maintain stability in the region — or so the theory goes.

Andre Ntagerura and Emmanuel Bagambiki, both acquitted of charges in the genocide, remain trapped in Tanzania for fear of retribution elsewhere in Africa, and have been barred by Belgium and Holland from visiting their families there.


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