TOP STORIES * March 29-April 4

In Mexico, Abortion Is An Open Secret

For the right price, any woman can get an abortion in Mexico, regardless of the fact that the procedure is not legal. Clinics, many of which are in middle-class neighborhoods, advertise openly and promise hygienic services. But women without the means turn to cheaper alternatives that lead to sometimes fatal complications.

TSA: Holes in the Safety Net?

The Transportation Safety Administration’s covert “Red Team” was able to sneak 90 percent of its simulated explosives and chemical weapons past security at Denver International Airport. Alarms went off, but screeners did not pat down undercover agents or check their baggage.

Similar lapses turned up in 15 other U.S. airports in 2006, where screeners missed 90 percent of all fake weapons and explosives carried by government safety testers.

Iraqi Refugees Test Jordan’s Limits

Jordanians are struggling to accommodate an influx of 750,000 Iraqis fleeing unrelenting violence at home. Many find jobs in the black market, and work long hours for low pay to avoid deportation, officials say, driving down wages and sending home prices skyward.


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