The Atrocity Illustrations

An advocacy group called Waging Peace wants to submit “evidence” of crimes against humanity witnessed by Sudanese children who say Arabic Janjaweed militants, backed by government troops, killed their families and torched their villages in Darfur.

A group of child refugees drew pictures when asked to describe the atrocities their witnessed. Arguing that children’s memories are more reliable than evidence provided by the Sudanese government, the group now wants to submit 500 drawings to the International Criminal Court as it prosecutes Sudanese war criminals.

Lawyers for the ICC say using the drawings could present problems, especially if questions come up regarding the activists’ influence over the children.

They also expressed concern about forcing the children and their surviving relatives to undergo harsh cross-examination on the stand.


“Drawn in Darfur: pictures don’t lie”
Institute for War & Peace Reporting, August 14, 2007

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