Local Music Thrills to New Community Radio

A new, noncommercial FM radio station — one of the first to be approved nationwide in 15 years — is coming to Portland, Oregon.

The Oregonian reports that MetroEast Community Media in Portland successfully petitioned the Federal Communications Commission for the license during an unusual weeklong application period last October.

The licenses were only accepted if it could be proved that the new stations wouldn’t interfere with signals from existing broadcasters.

The idea of a new, commercial-free FM radio station in a heavily commercialized market drew a broad variety of supporters, such as the local cable access service, and the local Musician’s Union chapter.

Together, the coalition raised about $250,000 for building the new station — and local musicians are thrilled.

“The whole city could use it,” Vursatyl, a member of the notable hip-hop outfit Lifesavas, told The Oregonian. “It would do a lot for the music community.”


“Tune in soon for local musicians on the FM dial”
The Oregonian, May 29, 2008

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