Calif. Prison Woes Tracked in Newspaper’s Interactive Maps

By Bernice Yeung | Crowdfund this with Spot.Us
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The Sacramento Bee has posted some new online maps in advance of the potential release of 27,000 California inmates due to budget cuts, and another 40,000 thanks to a federal court order to curb prison overcrowding.

Last week’s map, “An overview of California prisons,” reveals the capacity of prisons throughout the state, as well as prisoner demographics and stats on their crimes, simply by rolling your mouse over each facility listed.

According to the map, the California Medical Facility in Vacaville is the least overcrowded, at 118 percent of capacity.

Meanwhile, the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy is the most overcrowded, operating at 233 percent above capacity.

Earlier this month, the Bee also published the interactive map, “Counties with the most residents in prison,” which notes that Kings County has highest ratio of its residents in prison with 9.4 inmates per 1,000 county residents.

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