Home Run!

No, it’s soccer, actually. Specifically, it’s the six-year-old Homeless World Cup, which teams homeless people from at least 56 countries — such as the 2008 world champions from Melboune, Australia (right) — to compete for the title, and win big in the game of life. Photo: Big Issue Australia

No Pregnant Pause

Teen pregnancies are in the pop spotlight, from the Oscar-winning film “Juno” (right) to MTV’s new reality show “16 and Pregnant.” Talk about reality: More than 750,000 U.S. teens will become pregnant in 2009, while globally the number reaches 14 million. Photo: Handout

Tracking: Iran Unrest & Realtime Web Feeds

Citizen media is driving, and skewing perceptions of, mainstream coverage of Iran’s turmoil. Postings on Twitter, Flickr and YouTube provide an unfiltered look at the situation on the ground, and include propaganda as well as first-person witnessing. Photo: .faramarz

The Great Divide

Despite recent gestures, the ideological chasm between Cuba and the United States remains wide and deep. The latest development: An invitation to rejoin the Organization of American States was greeted with a shrug by the communist nation, which is sticking with its Cold War-era isolationist script. Photo: wjklos

The Future Is Faster

High-speed rail is enjoying new buzz in Europe, Russia, Asia — and the United States, which sent Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood on a tour of the fastest rail systems in Spain (right) and elsewhere. What he learns could inform new high-speed rail projects back home. Photo: Sean Munson

94607: Oakland's Childhood Asthma Hotspot

West Oakland is pinned between the Bay Area’s largest, busiest port and two major commuter freeways, and is home to decades of legacy pollution, making this marginalized but determined community a hotspot for childhood asthma and other illnesses. Photo & Audio: Kim Komenich

Literature Unfolds Online

News of the written word’s demise has been greatly exaggerated — though it may not turn up as often on your parents’ printed, paper pages. Literature is going online — making works great (and not-so-great) available via text messages, Twitter, RSS feeds, and e-mailed in serialized installments. Photo: Lin Pernille

Share These Wheels

A bike-sharing program in Paris will scatter tens of thousands of two-wheelers (right) throughout the City of Lights for quick jaunts and rentals. It’s the latest in a global trend towards more bicycle infrastructure, driven by hard economic times and fears of climate change. Photo: ktylerconk

Oakland is Exhausted

Diesel exhaust from trucks serving the Port of Oakland brought confrontational protests to a May 2 public meeting (right). Our latest collaboration with SPOT.US takes a multimedia look at the conflict, in the first part of a series on pollution and communities. Photo: Kim Komenich for Newsdesk.org

Brazil: Blacks Move Ahead to Stay Behind

Brazil’s African-descended citizens now have a .2 percent majority nationwide, but lack proportional access to education and food. This includes almost four times the rate of illiteracy and longer work hours compared to their European-descended countrymen. Photo: Brazilian child/Carf