Free Speech, Gay Marriage Clash in California and Canada

A Yolo County, Calif., clerk says she will exercise her free speech rights by giving a symbolic “certificate of inequality” to gay couples seeking to marry during a Valentine’s Day protest, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Some critics blasted the move as inappropriate; others say it reflects the conflict between Proposition 22, California’s voter-approved ballot initiative banning gay marriages, and constitutional mandates to ensure equal protection.

In Saskatchewan, a 70-year-old marriage commissioner is on trial for violating human rights rules when he refused to marry a gay couple as provided by Canadian law. His lawyer says to do so would have violated his religious beliefs.


“Clerk protests gay marriage ban”
Sacramento Bee, February 2, 2007

“Decision reserved in case of Sask. official who refused to marry gay couple”
CBC Saskatchewan, February 2, 2007

2 thoughts on “Free Speech, Gay Marriage Clash in California and Canada

  1. “America Going To Hell In A Baby Basket.”

    The same sex marriage thing if it, in all states passes.. oh well. ..
    too bad so sad..
    But I have to say this: it is so unfair cruel to place into the home
    a lesbian or homosexual couple an innocent child an unknowing,
    helpless who has no say to the lifestyle it will be addressing, forced
    into an unending war with emotions, prejudice, unnatural, these rights
    given people promoting acceptance to their true or false ideas,
    Because they will be offended, the child adoption thing will be all
    legal? Get real, hurt feelings are nothing compared to a life one does
    not have to have or be projected into. That is exactly what it is,and
    what will, happen when this cruel unfeeling appointment happens.
    Stop this before it is too late.

    If I was adopted by same sex people I can see, I would become the
    most angry person ever and probably become an enemy of the state.
    My life would be filled with their mistrusts, my mistrusts, uncontested
    beliefs, troubles, emotions and lesbian & homosexual issues day after day
    endless with societies opinions, my own opinions,forming, hogging all my
    free thought from becoming someone, from discovering a cure for cancer,
    a cure for aids, inventing a gas free automobile, finding a way for global world peace or an invention
    that I would not have an untroubled mind to invent or discover.
    Please see these problems with adopting innocent children into the incurable
    troubles of their abnormal, unnatural, perverse lifestyles.
    You say they are not perverse? Unnatural? Abnormal?
    To answer my questions. So graphic It has to be X-rated.
    What is natural about a man sucking or kissing another mans or males privates?
    What is natural about a woman sucking or kissing another woman’s or females privates?

    Yes… There are warm, indescribably, loving people in this..stage, this
    arena, and their need for love is as true as anyone else’s though,..
    is it worth gambling an innocent, pure uncorrupted, defenseless child’s life,
    and giving it to a growing out of the closet kind of people that are using
    Americas compassion to exempt them from the issues of the unnatural, the
    abnormal avenues that lead to or are perversions. They say rights, a right,
    the right, to convert blessed innocence into a yet to be freed from sinful,
    trouble full, painful, doubtful, lifestyle, that is of a perverse corruptive nature.

    Please understand and proceed to help stop this from happening. Do you
    not understand what I have just presented to you? What part do you
    not? Please, let me know?

    Give these innocent children (a chance), (the chance) they need to be
    problem free of this and the other issues of acceptance, sexual identity
    fitting in with so called normal children at school, the neighborhood,
    being abused and beat for being forced to live with a somewhat condemned lifestyle.
    Oh the school the teacher the principle will punish them if they hurt our baby.
    He She sure he will ,then they will punish the ones tomorrow and the day after tomorrow do you see
    what you are giving the child? you call it love? Sure you love it, but tell
    me why you pull innocence into the frying pan with you? besides being lonely
    and wanting to play house, mommy & daddy and babies. Oh yes
    loneness is hell and with this the disaster prone, problematic same sex
    marriage peoples who demand these rights…Must be allowed to have
    innocent companions with them to take the bunt of the load of sharing
    with them how cruel people are to lesbians & homosexuals.. share? yes lets
    share this. Any one who gives the permission ,courts , judges,
    anywhere to allow this disastrous crime to continue and to not be called a
    crime are people who are unable to foresee and somewhere inside them to the
    very bone, they will not step up and stand for the undeveloped child yet will award
    the same sex couple with CON GRADUATIONS with your new adopted baby!
    When these people somewhere in the age of conscious awareness full of
    thought & knowledge, and decision proclaim their sexual preference.
    Anywhere’s from age 5-69? The babies really need to be
    allowed to find out if they were born this way.. well.. so they might be
    able to say.. I am not this way and was not born this way. otherwise
    My parents are this way & me too. My parents are this way but I am not. Why Why
    are they … Why do my parents have to be homosexual or lesbian???
    These two instances are only a fraction of the why questions the children
    will be forced to deal with.

    If you people in power use your common sense or give it
    up to someone who will. PLEASE…Let the children live their (own) life, not
    to be gifted with (have to accept)
    (flaws) in people (flaws) in societies compassion, (flaws) in laws
    (we have to give them equal rights), (poor them) (they love children too)
    (let them adopt) (they are not cruel or mean).

    Why put an innocent child into this unnatural setting?
    The thought should be jailed for reasonable doubt that the lifestyle it self is
    layered with unseen, traps, obstacles dangerous, unconscious, subconscious,
    egoistical triumphs of the undisputed & unnatural, abnormal, perversions
    there is a unseen cruel intent… to be victorious over a kind want to be fair people, our society.

    These issues would never never ever have come to any kind of table
    for any kind of discussion except for the human rights issue which has been
    used and is even now being used & abused as we read my opinion of this for
    because the human rights of a baby’s mind body & soul are being auctioned off to
    the most orientated, paper wise those with the most legal & knowledge the
    lawyers, judges, the law itself is or is becoming the culprit, used by tricky
    intelligent processes.

    You would think a person of the law could read something & knowingly
    be aware or see in the mind or live action in the courtroom, at the home, in the
    school,at the church, on the bus, how the human rights of (pure trust).
    A baby has to trust, it is all it can do, to have itself placed in your hands,
    by someone who supposedly sees and knows the right things to do to protect the innocence
    unformed, unopinionated natural, normal, from being used and abused.
    Setting a child into this daily conflict, week after week,
    month after months into years into a permanent defense mode, learning to worry about
    their Parents, will they be okay? today? will they become victims of
    prejudice? tomorrow? all these surprises to share with a child
    throughout the upbringing upcoming life and death.
    A child who’s will was not able to form freely before placement into the painful unnecessary
    unprotected environment? It has to survive live & die in. Is a child who will forever be in the wonder
    of why it was placed by our own State & Government into the reality of the Abnormal, The Unnatural,
    A man corn-holing another man is natural for a child to know & be around it is okay?
    A woman going down on another woman it is okay for child be around & to know?
    It is okay to raise a child in the environment? You all must be crazy! Exclamation! Period!
    These are The Perversions of The Country Of America Going To hell in A Baby Basket.

    truly: jimoer` i` ke`

  2. “America Going To Hell In A Baby Basket”

    I would like to express my opinion in terms of this commment. I am aware that everyone is allowed to speak their mind in any way that they choose to. One of the biggest things that you should learn to do is learn how to write English. Your grammatical errors are extremely bad and in my point of view, before you express your feelings with so much hate, you should learn to write English so people can take you seriously. On the issue that gay kids are worst off with gay parents, you are wrong. Any child can turn angry at the world, whether they have gay parents or not. If you have your own personal issues on the subject, take your opinion on it because one thing that you must learn is that everybody is different, and don’t try to mix your personal life into this subject.