News Perspectives: Zimbabwe's Deadly Medical Strike

With medical workers on strike over wages so low that a junior doctor’s monthly salary won’t cover a single tank of gas, Zimbabwe’s health care system has come to a “near-total halt.”

An op-ed published by the Institute for War & Peace Reporting claims that the strike, underway since December 21, is killing “hundreds” of patients weekly, and was caused by government neglect of a once-admired health care system that today denies service to 90 percent of the population.

The anonymous author says the international community is ignoring the problem, even while senior Zimbabwean officials fly to South Africa and elsewhere to receive health care.


“Zimbabwe: Health system near total collapse”
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, January 30, 2007

One thought on “News Perspectives: Zimbabwe's Deadly Medical Strike

  1. I think that it is absolutely pathetic that the President of Zimbabwe would allow such a tragedy to happen to his people!!!If he could perhaps take the carrot that is stuck up a certain oriface for one minute,and stop giving so much concern with his own bank account,then mabey he would be able to do his country firs decent thing in many many years!!Listen to your people,try being human!!