Autism’s Spread Brings a Mystery and a Lawsuit

A new report finds that one in every 60 boys in New Jersey has autism — nearly twice the national rate. Youth in the study were affected regardless of race, and the trend is spread equally throughout the state.

Efforts to find suspected clusters of autism there have failed, and calls for more research are matched by a growing demand for new funding and services for children with the disorder.

In Utah, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that babies born via Caesarian sections or in breech position do appear to have a slightly higher rate of autism.

But a chemical culprit has been harder to identify, leading to a class-action lawsuit by thousands of parents convinced that their children developed autism after receiving vaccinations containing a mercury-based preservative.

In an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, researcher Arthur Caplan notes that mercury is no longer used in most vaccines, and that research has failed to correlate the chemical with a spike in autism nationwide over the last 20 years.


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4 thoughts on “Autism’s Spread Brings a Mystery and a Lawsuit

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  2. Wake up people of New Jersey! You are nothing more than dumb cattle. Do not be mad at me for stating the obvious; be mad at what you read in this article. If one in every 60 boys in New Jersey has autism, the problem is manmade not a coincidence. There are thousands of similar articles across the internet stating the same kind of national results. It’s sickening there has not been a revolt. Yet people continue to let others (paid experts) make critical medical choices for them and their children with out doing the research. Do some researches next time before you let some stranger inject poison in your child!

  3. neil this statement is for you obviously you don’t have children becuase if you did you would know that all children have to be vaccinated in order to be able to attend school or they can’t get in which leaves parent s to have to get these vaccinations and when your pediatrican stated that they were safe why would parents think otherwise don’t be so ignorant it really shows how dumb you really are.