No Longer Illegal, Gays Are Still a Target in Chile

Although homosexuality was legalized in 1998, gays in Chile still suffer public harassment and, in one case, beatings and sexual assault — all by the country’s own police force.

Activists there have called for mandatory human rights training for police officers, or Carabineros, but the Santiago Times reports that officals have not welcomed the idea.


“Police abuse of gays continues in Chile”
Santiago Times, February 7, 2007

One thought on “No Longer Illegal, Gays Are Still a Target in Chile

  1. nothing abou the gays discovered in the police force that got suspnded from their jobs, that took the police (part of the amred forces) to court over the affair. Due to one afraid of the repercusions of coming out accusing several other “in the closet” homosexuals as it were a crime.
    for any other info , please to refer to jose miguel villouta’s blogspot, he’s bilingual and a gay dissident here in chile.