Muslim Discrimination, From Massachusetts to Mindanao

Four Muslim truck drivers for FedEx in Massachusetts are suing over claims that upper management ignored racist verbal abuse and unfair work assignments. A judge has ruled that the suit can proceed because the men are employees and not independent contractors — a finding that also undermines the company’s case against a unionization bid by its 15,000 truckers.

On the overwhelmingly Christian island of Mindanao in the Philippines, Muslims say they have been barred from working at malls over fears that they might be suicide bombers. Critics say this increases tensions in a province with a decades-old Islamic independence movement, where Muslims tend to be poorer, and have shorter life expectancies than average.


“Arab Americans charge harassment by FedEx”
Reuters, March 10, 2007

“Philippines: Muslims ‘banned’ from working in malls in Mindanao”
ADNKRONOS International, March 9, 2007

3 thoughts on “Muslim Discrimination, From Massachusetts to Mindanao

  1. this is wrong not every muslim is a suicude bomber. some are just trying to earn money for their families.

  2. Your right Koutney not every Muslim is a suicide bomber, just like not every Nazi is violent. Despite that I would not want either near me considering facts. Facts that prove such groups of people to have an overwhelmingly degenerative effect on everything.

  3. so what no one profiles white guys look at timmothy micvigh and okloahoma city