TOP STORIES * March 8-14

Haiti Rapes Defy U.N. Intervention

Kidnappings and rape went hand-in-hand during Haiti’s years of political repression. But even as U.N. peacekeepers crack down on gangs in the slums of Port-au-Prince, rapes there are on the rise. Social workers say at least 800 women there were raped in the past 12 months, and estimate that many never tell police or their families out of shame or fear.

SoCal Scofflaws Take Hazmat to the Hills

The forested canyons of San Bernardino County, California, are full of construction debris, old computers, TV sets, and other refuse dumped by people trying to avoid increased landfill fees. Much of it is hazardous waste, and subject to new, strict recycling regulations. Forest Service officials say that as a result, illegal dumping has massively increased.

Pakistan’s Overrule of Law

Pakistani lawyers were rioting in the streets last week after President Musharraf suspended Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry for “misconduct and misuse of authority.” Critics say the judge, who was appointed in 2005, is being punished for enforcing laws against human rights abuses and illegal detentions, and for blocking privatization plans.

Two TV stations that broadcast the protests went off the air temporarily, and did not show the footage thereafter. The BBC reports that the conflict is exacerbating election-year tensions between the civilian government and Musharaff’s military regime.


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  1. Interesting how it went from rape to litering….I believe that more should have been said against rape becuase a serious matter such as that should be descussed more oftenly then maybe women would feel more comfortable telling the police.

    But then again im only a teenager I dont know a lot.