IRAN: Rumors of Missiles Fly in April

Newspaper Web sites around the world are rife with rumors of new aggression in the Persian Gulf.

Russia’s national news agency say U.S. military exercises in there are not just a show of strength, but also a warmup for an April 6 attack on Iranian nuclear sites, and that U.S. naval forces in the Gulf match levels prior to the Iraq invasion.

The Israeli Web site DEBKA quotes “Arab sources” who say that Bahrain is being used as a staging ground for Patriot anti- missile units, hotels there are filling up with U.S. military personnel, reporters are arriving in “packs,” and that American businesses are being advised to leave the country.

Some rumors claim that the attack will be a joint operation with Israel, and will also target Syria and Hezbollah.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said no such plans are in the works.


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4 thoughts on “IRAN: Rumors of Missiles Fly in April

  1. I dont think any one knows the time and date of any attack on Iran. After todays anouncment by the Iranian President I believe NOW is the time to strike. Before the pansies of the Dem party take over here in the US. It is time to take heavy measures, no sanctions, no more UN rebukes… Military action. I do believe if we do not take out Syria and Iran… Our children will be fighting these radical countries and the days of the coldwar school films of children cowering under their desks to escape a nuclear blast are around the corner. I say setup tens of thousand of cruze missiles ready to fire, get our stealth fighters loaded up with low yield nuclear bumker busters and kick the tires and light the fires… DO IT NOW!

  2. War is primarily a tool for the rich and powerful to gain more money and power. And Corey is a prime example of misguided souls who wrongly believe that we’ll get to peace through war. But instead, war brings suffering, death, and destruction to all-sides and usually primarily on innocent victims like children, poor people. Finally, the unwitting participants who believe that fighting and killing won’t bother them, but it will. God save us from the fools who seek war.

  3. Do you know what Iranian president said? Do you remember the Genocide that has taken place in Iraq? I doubt you do. War is bad. But a Govt. taking over exploiting it’s people as well as exibiting blatent bigotry is worse. According to your logic the United States shouldn’t have entered the war against the Nazis. Your right many innocent people die in war. But basing your views on emotion as opposed to fact is destructive.

  4. I think Corey and John have a point, this war needs to end now but the only way to do that is to anihilate these people. America should try to do more to avoid wars but once in one how else do you end it? Corey speaks of Drastic measures but he is right.