Top Stories: May 3-9

Iraqi Sunnis Have a New Enemy: Al Qaeda

Following ongoing violence against civilians, Sunni tribes in the Anbar province of Iraq are joining forces to combat al Qaeda militants, re-open local courts and boost political participation. This includes forming a new political party, called Iraq Awakening, which has its first convention this month.

The Sunni alliance, which includes former insurgents, also formed the Salvation Council, which uses U.S. funds to train soldiers and rebuild medical centers and schools. But resentment over U.S. forces presence in Iraq may undermine the alliance long-term.

Sharia Law Imposed on Nigeria School Dress Code

All 2,000 private schools in the Nigerian state of Kano must now enforce a strict Islamic uniform whether students are Muslim or Christian, according to authorities tasked with imposing Sharia law. All state schools in Nigeria already use the Islamic dress code.

India a Target For Japan’s Toxic Trash

India has illegally imported thousands of tons of hazardous chemicals from Japan, including DDT and PCBs, for “recycling,” the Indo-Asian News Service reports. Now activists say a new trade pact, negotiated in secret, will bring even more Japanese waste and medical refuse into India’s shipyards, despite laws prohibiting such imports.


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“Treaty with Japan may legalize dumping toxic waste in India”
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  1. article on treatment for cancer breakthru, may 11 / 07 suggests cure found for prostate cancer works on other cancers as well. Name of treatment was something like J 951? My family and I desperately need to know the name of this clinical outcome ASAP. Can you help? We are not usually home for the lunch hour news so missed most of the story. Thankyou. Carol