Lupus Linked to Petroleum Exposure

Scientists in Boston and New Mexico have shown that exposure to petroleum is linked to the deadly auto-immune disease lupus.

The illness is already known to have genetic origins — African- American women are nine times more likely to get it.

But reports show the environment plays a role, especially in two black neighborhoods in Boston. Residents of Roxbury and Mattapan live near gasoline stations or sites near petroleum-product dumping groups, and have the highest rate of lupus in the region.

Another study of people living in a housing development in Hobbs, New Mexico, built on the site of a former oil-field dump, detected an incidence of Lupus at 30 to 99 times higher than estimates for the general population.

Scientists found high levels of mercury and a petroleum hydrocarbon called pristane in residents’ bloodstreams; both chemicals are known to cause lupus in animals.


“Study: Roxbury, Mattapan have higher levels of lupus”
Boston Globe, May 17, 2007

“Lupus cluster at oilfield points finger at pollution”
New Scientist, May 11, 2007

5 thoughts on “Lupus Linked to Petroleum Exposure

  1. lupis is sometimes mis dignosed i am proof, dr stevenson, told me i had lupis because of a sun rash on my face, he didnt even refere me to a dermitolist. so there is hope.

  2. Just what I thought my siblings and I where raised near a auto manufacturing plant and were often exposed to petrolium products.

  3. Just what I thought my siblings and I where raised near a auto manufacturing plant and were often exposed to petrolium products.

  4. I was born in Odessa Texas. Midland and Odessa are “oil country” My sister died at age 52 without insurance and the doc’s felt she was drug seeking. even despite myself with full blown SLE Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis. Another Sister with Rheumatoid Arthritis. etc. She is now gone her accusatory drug doc’s moving on with her life and her 13 year old son fights every day to make it severely depressed missing his mommy! BEWARE TAKE ADVOCATES TO EVERY APPOINTMENT IF FAMILY CANNOT OR FRIENDS CANNOT, CALL A LOCAL SUPPORT GROUP PERHAPS THEY CAN. DO NOT ACCEPT ILL TREATMENT FROM THOSSE WHO CLAIM TO WISH TO CAUSE NO HARM BUT TREAT DISEASE. Clearly there is much much more to our story but I hope this helps someone. I was involved in serious technology as a profession. Spaceport New Mexico etc. Aerospace, Science Applications International and the likes. I am not or well come to think of it perhaps I am indeed a space cadet AH HA HA HA HAAAA. But with rashes, central nervous system issues memory issues, miscarriage but one little angel alive and well! Thank GOD! Also Kidney issues etc. I absolutely KNOW that the smell of new tires makes me feel woooozy sick, and gas, or any petro bi products etc. are REALLY AUFULL! I am now allergic to LATEX intersting as plastic especially “floppy ones are petro bi-products! think about it folks! YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST DOC. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY BE WISE. I pray blessings to those of you who bless.

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