Your Words Betray You

Marc Shultz couldn’t quite recall what he brought into the coffeeshop that Saturday morning, the day the last Harry Potter book hit the shelves. But as a worker at a local bookstore, a cup of coffee was a mandatory prelude to what would surely be a hectic day.

In his hand, it turned out, was a printout of an article — a bit of media criticism to start the day and accompany his ritual caffeine boost. This he later recounted to the FBI agents who quizzed him at length on the topic. They were tipped off by someone at the coffeeshop who considered a critique of Fox News to be a risk to national security.


OP-ED: “Careful: The FB-eye may be watching”
Creative Loafing, July 17, 2007

3 thoughts on “Your Words Betray You

  1. Clay Trippi was a jerk (and he was so nice when he was interning at the courthouse where I worked!) but note the original–this took place four years ago. It’s 7-17-03, not 7-17-07. I read this with a guffaw back then, but I haven’t seen any more stories about Clay, Maybe he learned his lesson.

  2. This editor stands corrected — and regrets the error.

    At this point, the posting has gone out to the world, so, we’ll have to do some follow-up on this story and see where it wound up. Check back for details.

  3. shucks, the date didn’t matter to me at all. It was such fascinating reading; the Crowther article more so. Unfortunately this is all still so true.

    Bring back the draft!