Experts Fear 'Another Darfur' in Ethiopia

Fleeing refugees say that soldiers of the U.S.-backed Ethiopian government are suppressing a widely supported separatist movement with rape, beatings and murder.

The government claims the Ogaden National Liberation Front insurgents have ties with Eritrea and Somali Islamists, and that its troops are “well-trained” and wouldn’t attack civilians, according to McClatchy.

Aid groups are banned from Ogaden, an eastern desert region already isolated by years of neglect. While the Bush administration echoes Ethiopia’s claims that no civilian slaughter is afoot, experts are starting to worry that the conflict could become “another Darfur.”


“Ethiopia starves, kills own people, its refugees say”
McClatchy, September 15, 2007

One thought on “Experts Fear 'Another Darfur' in Ethiopia

  1. Wow, this is really sad to see. I mean dont people see what they are doing to themselves? Theres really is no need for this, and yet they keep going with this. Somehow someone has to come up with how they will stop all of this, because people are just going mad. Its just really sad.