Much Puffery About Air-Powered Car

An automobile that runs on compressed air got a boost this week with an investment from India’s Tata Motors.

MDI Industries, of Carros, France, designed the cars based on technology invented by Guy Negre, a former Formula One engineer.

The project has been in development for 14 years, but no carmaker has yet put the car into production.

Now, according to some reports, Tata is planning to manufacture and sell air cars in India later this year for the equivalent of about $5,000.

But, in the Financial Times of London, Tata’s managing director downplayed expectations, saying: “It’s a very exciting concept, this way of running a car. We hope something will come out of it.”

The air car, which has a glass fiber body and weighs less than 772 pounds, has pistons powered by compressed air, as well as a fuel-burning engine for higher speeds.

The engine can be filled with compressed air from an on-board compressor or at fueling stations.

Some press coverage of the air car has questioned where these fueling stations will come from.

“There is a degree of skepticism about the air car,” said Indian car analyst Murad Ali Baig, according to the Web site

The British Web site the Register mocked Negre’s long struggle to produce the car, calling it a “French hot-air jalopy.”

–Will Crain/


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3 thoughts on “Much Puffery About Air-Powered Car

  1. ummmm…. where the air will come from? what about the compressed air we put in our tires? im sure simple modifications to that equipment will suffice to provide air for the cars.

  2. I don’t think the air is the problem. I think getting people to switch from an incredibly greedy, money driven oil industry is the real issue. The other important issue is the fact that a car such as this will obviously reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere, thus, cleaning up the air. We have cities in our world where people can barely breath. It’s time to give new ideas a chance.

  3. Saw an article in Hot Rod Magazine (I think?) regarding a boost for a drag car. Sort of like shooting nitrus. It consisted of a small turbine running on compressed air hooked into the driveline. These turbines were (again I think?) military surplus and were used to fire up or start jet engines. The lack of certainty is because this was years ago and I’m 66 now so memories are vague. I have a morque with loads of such magazine articles which I will attack tomorrow and if I come up with more information I will send.