London Shifts Gears to Favor Bicycles

Armed with a proposal to develop 12 major “superhighways” for bicyclists throughout the city, along with a daily “congestion charge” of almost $50 for polluting vehicles, England’s capital city is gearing up to become the world’s newest bicycle utopia.

London’s mayor hopes the programs will result in a 400 percent increase in the number of cyclists in the city by 2025.

The plan, which will cost approximately $780 million over ten years, will also develop cycling networks in outlying suburban areas, and link London neighborhoods with business and commercial districts.

London will also take a cue from Paris, which recently began providing free bicycle rentals for short trips, by developing its own free rental service in the city center.


“City’s Two-Wheeled Transformation”
The Guardian (U.K.), February 9, 2008

2 thoughts on “London Shifts Gears to Favor Bicycles

  1. I have always dreamt of a world completly geared towards bicycle riding.