Doctors Resign as Life-Support Lawsuit Drags On

A Canadian hospital is facing a shortage of doctors, who are resigning rather than continue to care for an elderly man on life support.

Samuel Golubchuck, 84, has been on life support since last fall; physicians say his brain functions are minimal and his chances of recovery are slim.

This, along with destructive surgery to remove infected ulcers that one doctor likened to “torture,” have prompted a wave of resignations Winnipeg Grace Hospital, reports.

Golubchuck’s Orthodox Jewish family says it is against their religion to hasten death, and successfully sued to block doctors from taking him off life support.


“More doctors resign from Winnipeg hospital”, June 17, 2008

2 thoughts on “Doctors Resign as Life-Support Lawsuit Drags On

  1. It is immoral to prolong a life of a suffering 84 year old man by artificial means. This man has done his share or his mission in life so let him go and meet with his creator in peace.

    I wonder if the family will decide differently if a bill of medical expenses is charged to the family instead of a freeby from the generous Canadian Health Care System.