Pa. Militia Allegedly Threatens Blacks, Candidates

A self-professed militia member in Pennsylvania has allegedly threatened to shoot African Americans and public officials, and said that if Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama were elected a revolution would ensue.

However, a federal judge declined to jail Bradley Kahle, 60, of Clearfield County, citing lack of evidence that he was willing to carry out those threats.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Kahle was one of several people swept up in a raid that netted automatic weapons and homemade bomb materials.

Kahle, a Vietnam veteran, allegedly told undercover agents that he would engage in sniper-style killings of African Americans from a Pittsburgh skyscraper, and that he would also target public officials if he became terminally ill.

Two of Kahle’s associates remain imprisoned at this time.


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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 12, 2008

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Associated Press, June 11, 2008

One thought on “Pa. Militia Allegedly Threatens Blacks, Candidates

  1. Key words:self-professed. He says he is militia. Does he have id to prove it? Doubtful.Here in mizzoorah militia have ids.No id?Then youre not a member. No true militiaman would ever make comments of that nature,or plot same. Nazis? Klan? Aryan nations? Skinheads? Now they would. Hes definitely not militia! Sgt.K.B.Julian..2nd btn-3rd brg-mo militia