Dogs Could Guide Humans in Vision Study

Norwegian scientists believe dachshunds might hold the key in discovering the root of hereditary blindness in humans, according to the BBC.

Dr. Frode Lingass of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science said a similar gene that causes blindness in humans has been discovered in wiener dogs.

The gene initially causes day-blindness in the eyes’ photoreceptors and gradually full blindness in humans.

“This gene has been associated with a combination of kidney and eye disease in human patients,” Lingass told the BBC.

Lingass also said his find could lead to breeding out canine vision disorders.

However, Institute of Ophthalmology professor David Hunt said the causes in inherited blindness in humans might be more complex.

“We haven’t got a magic bullet that could target these all at once,” Hunt said.

–T.J. Johnston/


“Dachshund gene ‘blindness clue'”
BBC News, Aug. 8, 2008

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