Bottled Water May Be Tapped out in Toronto

Toronto, Canada, is considering a ban on the sale of bottled water in city-run buildings, community centers and arenas in order to reduce the amount of garbage in local landfills.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Toronto Mayor David Miller said the city’s water is just as safe as bottled water, and tap water is far more economical.

At the center of the issue are environmental concerns about the fossil fuels used to produce and transport plastic bottles, and the overall impact on local landfills.

But many companies in the refreshment industry argue that such a ban could be a step backwards in terms of recycling, and would lead consumers to buy other beverages other than water.

“So they’ll have the same amount of plastic to recycle,” Elizabeth Griswold, spokeswoman for the Canadian Bottled Water Association, told the news service.

If Toronto enacts the ban, it will follow the footsteps of London, Ontario — the first Canadian city to ban bottled water.

London will phase bottles out over a number of months, but only in municipal buildings with water fountains.

Several other cities and provinces in Canada are considering similar bans.

–Julia Hengst/


“Toronto may copy London, Ont.’s ban on bottled water”
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, August 20, 2008

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  2. Thanks for your nice piece. It really touches my soul, because I am a practicing environmental journalist. I have been a journalists for few years running – reporting diverse issues, but decided quite recently to go into environmental reporting with particular interest in water and conservation.

    I am a West African from Liberia,age 32.


    Please, let us remain in contact, for I would like to draw on your vast experience in this field.