'Fair Trade' Cola Gains Ground in Europe

A British cola called Ubuntu is said to be the first of its kind to follow “fair trade” practices, including ecological sustainability, equal market prices and improved work conditions for bottom-rung producers and laborers.

Africa’s Business Daily reports that the soft drink, named after a Bantu word meaning “humanity,” has had success in cafes, shops and grocery stores throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

“Our mission is to propel fair trade into iconic and mainstream markets,” said co-founder Miranda Walker.

The fair trade label, often found on basic commodities like tea and coffee, has become increasingly popular in recent years and appeals to consumers who want to buy ethically — something seven out of ten Europeans say is important to them at least part of the time.

Ubuntu Trading Company will use fair trade sugar sourced from Africa, and says it plans to invest some of its profits back into sugar-producing communities.

If the company does well, according to the report, it hopes to find a source for fair trade caffeine from Africa.

–Julia Hengst/Newsdesk.org


“New fairtrade cola takes on the world’s top brands”
Business Daily Africa, June 18, 2008

One thought on “'Fair Trade' Cola Gains Ground in Europe

  1. I believe fairtrade will bring back jobs into this country (USA)…not freetrade that took the jobs out of the country and put us into the spot we are in now.