Gas Drilling Blamed for Indonesian 'Mud Volcano'

A panel of international petroleum geologists decided exploratory drilling at a nearby gas well triggered the eruption of a mud volcano in Indonesia.

The vote could provide major financial compensation to many of the almost 40,000 Indonesians displaced by the eruption, reports The Guardian.

The volcano, called Lusi, erupted nearly two years ago and has been spewing massive amounts of boiling mud ever since.

The cause of the eruption was debated at an international conference in Cape Town, South Africa, attended by 74 distinguished petroleum scientists.

Geologists representing the oil and gas company Lapindo Brantas claimed an earthquake two days before the eruption is to blame, but only three of the petroleum scientists voted for this explanation.

Numerous attempts to stop the flow of mud — including a creative attempt to plug the volcano’s mouth with concrete — have failed.

–Julia Hengst/


“Indonesia mud volcano caused by gas well drilling”
The Guardian, November 3, 2008

3 thoughts on “Gas Drilling Blamed for Indonesian 'Mud Volcano'

  1. Drilling in a place where volcanoes and techtonic plates are schetchy hmmm. The passion for money will out weigh the caring of whether or not people will get hurt unfortunately. This is nothing new especially for the rest of the planet. Geologist and Scientist are merely getting in their consulting funds for themselves regarding this matter. Idiotic progression will continue no matter how much money is spent on consulting about the new oil patch. No matter how many lives or cultures it destroys. Till we get these so called geologists and scientists to look beyond their pocket books.

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  3. The world is still controled by about 100 of the top wealthy people, same old croud of Rockerfeller’s and Rothchild’s, now their children and grandchildren want their 100 multi billon dollar accounts and the world suffers for the few extreme powerful, weathly and greedy people. For the most part, humans make me sick.