Argentina: New Law Targets Violence Against Women

A new law in Argentina broadens the definition of violence against women to include acts of aggression that go beyond the scope of the family setting.

The legislation looks outside of the home by targeting sexual, psychological and even workplace degradation, reports Inter Press Service.

Now, any act directed against a woman that causes “a loss of self-esteem” or tries to control a woman’s actions by “threats, harassment, bullying, manipulation, isolation” and more is illegal.

Although the legislation looks good on the books, experts fear implementing it could be tough.

Women’s advocates say the political will to overcome “machista” traditions, as well as adequate budgets for the institutions charged with enforcing the law, may be lacking.

Similar laws have already been approved in other Latin American countries, including Spain, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala and Colombia, with mixed reviews.

–Ronnie Lovler/


“ARGENTINA: Bold New Law on Violence Against Women”
Inter Press Service, March 12, 2009

2 thoughts on “Argentina: New Law Targets Violence Against Women

  1. this is the best way to make a women free from all tensions and everything as women herself find svery difficult to cope up in this world of men where she needs to be afraid of everybody. please implement it as soon as possible do somehting good for women whre in every women really feels proud to actually be a women and thise are not mere words

  2. The new law in Argentina regarding violence against women is a great step forward, now it must be enforced. Especially , women must be supported when sexual favours are demanded in the work place in order for a woman to keep her job, this as you know is a huge issue & is especially demeaning.