Global warming melts national borders

Parts of the Swiss Alps may soon go Italian, as global warming melts the glaciers that originally defined that international border, reports New Scientist magazine.

Although an Italian legislator has already proposed redrawing the dividing line, and both countries will amicably share the Matterhorn (as is currently the case), experts fear trouble may occur in other regions.

Melting borders may be a flashpoint for conflict in the Himalaya Mountains, where a glacial meltdown in Kashmir could heighten tensions between India and Pakistan.

In the Arctic, where the melt is opening up oil drilling and shipping possibilities, the United States, Canada and Russia are all claiming territorial rights.

At the other end of the globe, Chile and Argentina may renew their battle over the Patagonia ice fields bordering both nations.

–Ronnie Lovler/


“Climate changes Europe’s borders — and the world’s”
New Scientist, March 27, 2009

3 thoughts on “Global warming melts national borders

  1. I think that the United States, Canada, and Russia should never take teritorial rights before they know whats going to happen. I want to help stop global warming, one way is to stop poluting the air. What happens when we polute the air is it melts away the ozone layer and lets the suns harmful Ultra Violet rays work as the cause of global warming. We need to figure out a way to not polute the air. One way is to invent a car that doesn’t run on gasoline, maybe even feul. We all need to stop poluting the air so we don’t all die!!

  2. Can’t scientists invent something that runs on water jeez

    btw: 4 future reference polluting is how u should spell lol jk!!!!!