Children Still Soldiers in Global Battlefields

Up to 200,000 children have been forced into armed service by government troops and rebel groups in 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, according to news reports.

This ranges from conscription of teenage boys into the Peruvian army, as reported in, to grim stories of children used in terrorist operations. In one such incident, Inter Press Service reports that Iraqi insurgents placed explosives on a young girl and detonated her by remote control.

The worst abuses are found in Myanmar, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo; insurgent fighters in Afghanistan, Burundi, Nepal, the Philippines, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Colombia also habitually conscript child soldiers.

The Daily Star of Lebanon also reported various Palestinian groups are still using children as soldiers.

Yet even when they are rescued from the fighting, child soldiers still are overlooked or forgotten.

In May, hundreds of former child soldiers in a Burundi demobilization camp rioted over poor living conditions and delays in getting them back home.

Producers of the documentary film “Invisible Children,” which focuses on Ugandan children conscripted by the Lord’s Resistance Army, organized a protest event in 100 cities worldwide seeking to raise awareness of the issue.

For the LRA, children are often both the “weapon and the victim”; the long-running insurgent group is notorious for not just forcing children into armed service, but also using them to target other children in terror campaigns.

–Ronnie Lovler/


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