Who'll Pay for the Climate Change Refugees?

Island and coastal nations are grappling with rising sea levels attributed to global warming — and some want industrialized nations to help foot the bill for an expected surge in evacuations, refugee crises and other impacts.

Papua New Guinea’s Carteret Islands are quickly becoming a paradise lost, with ocean waters expected to submerge the seven low-lying atolls by 2015.

Already, rising tides and storm surges have polluted freshwater supplies and devastated crops. Evacuation of the 2,700 residents is underway, and will continue over the next five years, reports Australia’s The Age.

Climate change could force as many as 75 million people from their homes in Asia-Pacific over the next 40 years, Radio Australia reports. From Fiji to the Solomon Islands, governments are planting salt-resistant crops, and making resettlement plans.

In Bangladesh, experts fear a third of the country could be under water by the middle of the century, producing at least 35 million refugees; Environment Minister Mostafizur Rahman Khan went so far as to say that developed nations should take responsibility, and “give us due compensation,” according to reports in The New Nation and United News of Bangladesh.

In July, Oxfam International also blamed climate change for increased global poverty, especially in rural areas where farmers can no longer rely on regular weather patterns to sustain their crops. Their study lists South Asia and Africa as current global warming hot spots.

–Ronnie Lovler/Newsdesk.org


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4 thoughts on “Who'll Pay for the Climate Change Refugees?

  1. This is totally bogus! Climate change is fictional. If there is changes in the earth’s warming/cooling of it’s own accord, or due to solar radiation it has nothing to do with human influence. It is a fact that this year has been much cooler than the last few years!! The “officials” don’t know a darned thing!!! They just want your carbon tax

  2. And so it goes. Some would have you believe that we can dump millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere with absolutely no effect. Add to that methane and a witch’s brew of other chemicals and hey, magically it has no effect at all. Wow. I wonder what color the skies are in their magical world, replete with unicorns and rainbows reflecting on crystal blue pools of water. Too bad most of us have to live in the real world where the evidence of a changing climate is there to see for anyone with a smattering of education.

  3. The Global mean temperature has risen this year…weather and climate are NOT the same thing. Yes the USA was cooler this year…but not so Europe. Alaska was WAY UP temperature wise.
    Take off your rose coloured glasses we have Global warming and its due to CO2 in the atmosphere. How many feet of water lapping on coastal cities do we need before people wake up?

  4. . . .

    Yo Kenn!!

    Totally bogus dude!

    I bet all 75 million climate refugees will be, like, y’know, SO relieved that sea level rise is NOT man made.

    They can use all that extra time not wasted on this, y’know, climate SCAM to build boats, float on ova and kick yo dum ass!

    BTW, EXCELLENT way to avoid responsibility – set up ’em straw men and knock ’em down!! Way to go Kenn!!! BTW how’s Barbie?


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