Journalists are at work in a press room

An Invitation to Journalists

If you are a journalist, a student or an educator, the news industry's business-model problem looms over your work and aspirations. It's a challenge and an opportunity, but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to deal with it at all? In this crowd-sourced era, journalists may not need a business model so much as a platform to build community around. Similar to, for example, the Wu Tang Clan. Be like a band

Please consider Newsdesk available to you for free as an open, shared platform for your own work, and as a vehicle for your community-building efforts.

West Oakland keeps fighting for cleaner air

Two years after first examined high levels of air pollution in West Oakland, progress towards helping this community breathe easier is moving slowly. Thorny projects, including cleanups at the port and a local Superfund site, are hard to k...